Sunday Summary: Driving, Fantasy Shopper & Chit Chat

Hiya lovelies! Hope your all well. What a week I have had! Literally, its been good and bad but mostly good.

If you don't watch my YouTube videos than you may not know already that I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! YIPEE! The test itself went a lot better than the first time when I failed, I was a lot more relaxed and only got 4 minor errors! I took it at 8.10am, but this went in my favour as I sat in a little bit of traffic. I've been non-stop driving this week, absolutely loving the freedom and independence.

Today was a typical sunday, I drove Mark (my boyfriend) to work and came back, threw on some trackies and my Primark flower wellies (aren't they cute?!) then washed my car inside and out for two hours! I was so proud of myself. Pippa was shining white again.

If you saw my post about Fantasy Shopper or follow me on twitter, than you'll know that I'm absolutely obsessed. I think the whole concept of the website is fantastic, giving us virtual money to spend and shop with. The best part about it, is that everything you 'buy' is actually available online and in stores now. So, when I starting lusting over this green cardigan from Dorothy Perkins and pairing it with every outfit, I had to run and get it. With my student discount, I paid £28 for it! I am in love, green in my new winter colour. The cardigan itself is actually quite thin and really easy to wear. It keeps you warm yet you don't over-heat and want to take it off. I'm sorry the pictures don't really show it very well, but trust me, it's lovely.

I also print screened the Community Assistants page because hey, guess who got promoted?! MEEEE! Thank you guys, I honestly wouldn't have done it without you. There are 12 of us to help the community assist with any problems/questions, help people create outfits and sort out items that have been categorized wrong. 

Other than that, nothing else really happened this week. I currently work at my local WHSmith store and only have saturday hours 10-4pm. So I contacted the bigger WHSmith in town and I'm now working thursday and friday evenings too! YAY for extra money!

I've been a bit naughty and only went into college two days last week. One day off was because of my test, another was because we had a power cut and the whole college got shut (er thanks!) and friday I just couldn't be bothered! But I'm driving in tomorrow on my own, a little scared actually but I've grown in confidence driving over the last week.

This afternoon, we had our family friends over who are coming skiing with us this christmas. We have found a hotel and flights etc for Italy, a hotel I've actually stayed in before so I'm really excited once that is definitely booked!

I finish college at lunchtime tomorrow, so hopefully will race home and film a video before the light disappears.

Hope your all well and have a lovely week!


  1. Love the wellies, they are so pretty.
    Congrats on passing your test as well!!

  2. Congrats on passing your test! :)


  3. Ah I love your little car! I am so lazy and hardly ever bother washing mine haha! Luckily it's navy so I can get away with it :) The DP cardigan really suits you, I keep seeing such lovely things on Fantasy Shopper and wanting to buy it! Have a good week :) xx

  4. So happy that you passed your driving test congrats. I can't wait to pass my test (it's really soon). Love your car. I'm also obsessed with fantasyshopper. xx

  5. Well done on passing your test, your car's so cute as well! Love your cardigan too, I need to buy some chunky knit cardis and jumpers as it's getting so cold now!


  6. Congratulations on passing your test!!!! :). X

  7. Loving the colour of your car, as it is the same as mine :)