Every Blogger Needs...Fantasy Shopper!

I've never been interested games (apart from the Sims!) but when I heard about this website, I thought 'what the heck, lets give it a go'. Basically, if you love shopping, you'll love the site.

Its all about 'virtual' shopping for products that are currently on the market. They give you 'money' and you can create outfits!

I'm absolutely obsessed, literally! As you can see Miss Sophie Chapman is stealing the show - she got me into it and I'll hopefully get you into it! Its not difficult and free to sign up (you just connect your Facebook but it doesn't publish anything on there). 

If you want to find out more, watch my video chatting all about it!

What are you waiting for? COME JOIN ME! 


  1. Hey Brogan,
    Thanks for this post and video, I too am now addicted! Do you know if there is anywhere to search for people to follow, so i could please follow you? don't worry if you don't know.
    Thanks, Megan x

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  3. Hi megan,
    No problem, so glad you like it as much as I do! No, there is currently no search bar, but the team have been taking suggestions and will be sorting it out soon. In the meanwhile, here is the direct link to my page I think! Let me know if that doesn't work though.


    Thanks megan! x

  4. Just found your youtube channel, now your blog and I love your style and your hauls :)
    Im obsessed with fantasy shopper too! <3
    heheee hope your well <3

  5. Thank you very much! That's made me smile :D
    I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed, glad you like it!
    I'm very well thanks, hope you are too! xxx

  6. Thanks Brogan,
    I am following you now :) BTW i have never spoke to you before but i love your blog and i watch all of your videos AND you online shop is amzing, totally my style. Well done for making your own shop, you must have put in alot of work. xxx

  7. Thank you megan! Yes I have worked really hard on it, I do everyday! I'm so glad you love my blog and videos, I really appreciate your support. :) thanks again xxx