Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation: Before & After!

Hey girls, what a week I've had! I'll rant to you all in a sunday summary tomorrow (if I manage to find a spare moment which I hope I will!)

Anyway, I'm quite proud of myself for finally doing this post and revealing a face with no makeup! As some of you know, I'm using a new foundation, the Bourjois Healthy Mix in shade 52. I use my ELF Powder brush to apply and I am loving it!

I don't want to make this review lengthy because there are plenty out there, but can you guys see the difference it has made? This is WITHOUT concealer and powder! I'm very impressed and feel as confident with it on as I did when I used Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua.

What do you guys think? Are any of you using this foundation and do you recommend similar drugstore ones?


  1. Brogan, you till look amazingly pretty without any foundation! :)
    BUT your skin looks brilliant with it on, I am going to boots tomorrow, so shall pick one up for myself!!

    xxx Sophie xxx

  2. Thank you sophie! I do admit, I have quite good skin but your right, it makes a huge difference! I'm so glad your going to try it out, that's fantastic! Let me know your thoughts :D xxx

  3. I also love this foundation. Filled with all sorts of goodness for the skin as well which is always a bonus :D

  4. You have gorgeous skin :)
    I might try this foundation out :)
    izzy xx

  5. I literally love your freckles so much ! <3 Your skin looks absolutely flawless with the foundation though, I'm definitely going to try it out <3 xxx

  6. I really like this foundation! I just need to get a better colour match for my skin because the formula is so good :)

  7. I love this foundation but ive found it hasnt been looking as nice on me recently, think it might be because i need a paler shade for winter, unfortunately i think im already using the lightest one they do! :/

    You have such nice skin even without the foundation!

  8. I keep going out to get this and forgetting to pick it up!! SO annoying! But after this post I don't think I'll be forgetting! It looks good!
    PS. You're gorgeous without foundation anyway!


  9. You look beautiful with & without it :)

    I have the same shade as you do, but it makes your skin look by far a lot better than it does to mine :/ I still like using it though :D


  10. I'm asking for this for Christmas as my maybelline dream satin liquid has run out :( I love your freckles too!

  11. This looks fab on you, though I love your wee freckles.
    I'm quite freckly too and can never find a foundation that gives enough coverage yet lets my freckles show :/

  12. Great post Brogan! The foundation looks great on you, although you look great without it also.x
    Please come and see my blog at

    Much love <3

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