Sunday, October 16

Sunday Summary: Baby Beau, College, Driving & A Blog Sale!

I know, sunday summary is meant to be at the end of the day but I'm still snuggled in bed at 11am and am in a very 'bloggy' (is that a word?) mood and this rarely happens with my hectic schedule) so here we go!

  • Some lovely friends of ours, Gemma & Simon had a beautiful baby boy called Beau about 3 weeks ago. I went to visit him in the hospital and oh my, he is so adorable! I can't help but want endless hours of cuddles with him! When we had that ridiculously hot weekend a while ago, I slept down the beach hut for the last time and they came over for a bbq. I loveeee him.
  • I have been no-stop wearing my black earrings from my website (Heart Vintage Earrings). I wore them to college and my friend bought herself a pair. Plus, someone ordered the pink and blue yesterday so I can definitely see these being a popular product!
  • College went better this week: I managed to hand in TWO business assignments and was given a better understand of what I need to do for photography, so I feel a little bit better in that sense. But I'm still having problems in English Literature, I feel really stupid in my class. Everyone uses 'big words' that I don't understand and I'm kind of struggling. Second year is waaaayy too hard! I was  talking to a lovely girl called Chelle on twitter (@chelle2788) and she said she feels the same, so it's nice to know I'm not the only one. I've managed to find a tutor who is going to help me, so I'm really grateful for that. Chelle's blog is feel informative too, you should definitely check her out -
  • Driving: okay, I don't know if any of you know but I have my driving test in about a week and I am absolutely petrified. I only have 3 hours of lesson left (eeeek) but I think I'm ready. I've got a dvd I'm going to watch today to give me a better understand of how the day is going to run but I really hope I pass first time. 

  • This is my car, isn't she cute?! I named her Pippa. I got her for my birthday in March so I've driven her with my mum plenty of times. I cannot wait to pass and drive her myself though!!
  • My to do list goes something along these lines today: Photography Coursework, clean bedroom, have a shower, dry my hair, possibly film a video? Ring mark, read my book and eat. Good.
  • FINALLY, I bought some things from blog sale on friday! It was the first time I have ever bought from a blog before and I'm really excited for them to arrive so I'll definitely do a post on them. I got 2 nail varnishes and a lipgloss from Lottie ( so I highly recommend you check her sale out, she has plenty of things left and so reasonably priced!!

I hope you enjoyed this summary and your having a lovely sunday where ever you are or whatever your doing. Lots of lurrrveee,



  1. I hope you do well on your driving test Brogan! When is it? Chelle x

  2. Thank you! Its the 25th but ssshhh, I'll let you all know if I pass or fail :( xx

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  4. WOW! thats such a good idea, thank you so much! I am definitely doing this and I will take a picture! xx

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  6. I can send you my list to get you started, it's so helpful for someone like me who isn't naturally talented at English!

  7. Your friends baby is so cute and his little blanket is just adorable! Good luck with your driving test! x

  8. Annie - I would love if you sent me your list - -thats really kind of you! and charlotte, isn't he soooo sweet! I love him! thank you very much! xx

  9. I really like Mark's stuff! He's really good! I love photography its just a big hobby of mine so I love seeing other peoples bits and pieces! Nashxx


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