Sephora Nail Bling: Gold Leopard (Limited Edition)

My mum's recent trip to New York for her boyfriend's birthday meant I got to request lots of things for her to fetch in Sephora for me. These Nail Art Stickers however were one of the many surprises I received and I finally got round to trying them out! With Halloween coming up, I thought it was the perfect time to get away with them, especially for a night out and a day at college.

This design is absolutely gorgeous, although there are plenty to choose from. They are $7 for 18 stickers in 9 different sizes. I have to admit, they aren't the easiest things to apply though, I had to get my mum to give me a hand! All you need is a small pair of scissors and a nail file and the application isn't too difficult. I also added a top and base coat as recommended.

They feel kind of weird, a bit bumpy and not that smooth round the edges. Other than that, they seem to have lasted well! I would love to try these on my toes, how cute would that look?!



  1. Theyre so cute! I love the little gems on them.

  2. these look so so good, wish we had Sephora here! x

  3. I wish we could get Sephora in england :( I know you can order from the French website, but it doesnt have as much variety of products as the US one :(. Anyway, these look gorgeous! xx