Benefit - The Great Skincare Swap!

Hey girls!

Firstly, I apologise for not blogging in two weeks, I can't even begin to tell you how hectic my life is right now and I figured that you wouldn't mind waiting!? Anyway, the reason I have dedicated time today to blog is to tell you about a fantastic offer happening at boots right now. I always love to tell you! 

Thanks to iamfabulicious, I spotted this advert which she blogged about last week and rushed straight down to my larger boots store. As some of you know I LOVE Benefit, and if I can get my hands on some of the skin care samples then I'm definitely there! I'm actually in the market for a new skincare range and this was the perfect chance.

So the deal is, you bring in ANY empty bottle of a skincare product and can choose between the 'Triple Performing' emulsion or their 'It's potent' eye cream. I actually took my Garnier 7 Days Intense Mosituriser and cheated because I de-canted it into a pump to place by my table! So I hadn't actually finished the product but I brought an empty bottle and thats all the matters, right?! HA. 

I knew I wanted the Triple Performing facial emulsion because I've heard so many good things about it and quite frankly, wasn't interested in the eye cream even though the full version is more money - £19.50 for the Triple Performing and £23.50 for the It's Potent! When I went to the Benefit counter, it wasn't advertised anywhere and when I asked the women she seemed confused. Luckily, I printed off the advert (above) and she remembered. My advise would definitely print it off, just in case they aren't sure. Also, it says I can get a 'free skincare consultation' but the woman definitely didn't dedicate any of her time to chat to me (she seemed super busy) so I thanked her and walked off feeling slightly disappointed. 

I was a little impressed when she popped it in this super cute bag though! They take such care with attention to detail, I didn't even pay for it and I got a little bag!

So far, so good. I've used it every morning for about four days and I love it. I have dry skin that can sometimes get quite oily, but its definitely more dry than oily. Therefore this is a perfect light-weight moisturiser for me. Its meant to hydrate, protect (it has SPF 15!) and comfort the skin with an oil-free formula. I think it lives up to this claim, and I am currently considering purchasing the full size. The sample is a 'tip and pour' so its quite hard to get the product out, but I researched and the full size has a pump.

Overall, it does a good job but I sometimes feel that my dry skin needs that extra hydration. The packaging is an amazing glass jar, very sleek!

I hope you enjoyed this review and you pop to your nearest boots to grab yourself a sample! I love when companies do this and definitely couldn't miss out. Let me know if you manage to get one and your thoughts!

Have a good week,


  1. ahh would love to do that, but i dont have a really large boots anywhere near me that actually has the benefit counter! :(

    xxx Sophie xxx

  2. that is a slight problem! I had to travel 20 mins to my nearest one which is fine. Well you do have until the 18th so if you happen to be near a big one you do have time! xx

  3. Thank you sooo much for sharing this Brogan. I am only 14 so don't have enough money to buy high end brands so this offer is perfect for me :) I will deffinately be taking advantage of it and getting my hands on the eye cream x

  4. thats great megan! I'm so glad to hear that. Benefit products are fantastic so you won't be disappointed! x

  5. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award <3
    Ellie xxx

  6. WOW, thank you so much ellie! No one has ever nominated me for anything before. How lovely of you, you've just made my day xxx