The Balm Cosmetics: Blush & Lipgloss Review

Hi girlies!
If you follow me on twitter you'll know that I got the opportunity to travel up to Birmingham and visit the Autumn Fair Trade Show at the NEC with my mum in August. We spent two days there with the mind set of finding products for my new website including jewellery, accessories and makeup.

I really wanted to take the time to get your opinions, thoughts and suggestions. My website sells a variety of things. One of the things I'm really interested in selling are products from a Makeup Company called TheBalm.  It is already sold in Sephora and is fairly well-known in the US, but not mentioned enough on YouTube. It definitely deserves more recognition and I've just recently seen it appear in the new Carmine Beauty Boxes!

I thought I would review two of their products to give you a feel of it. The concept behind the brand themselves is simple. Founder Marissa Shipman wanted to create her own world of all things beautiful, and so theBalm was born. The brand caught my eye by its funky package which is highly similar to Benefit. "The sassy names we give out products reflect the personality of theBalm...a mix of sexy and serious, smart and funny, romantic and rebellious"

Hot Mama! - Blush/Eye Shadow

Hot Mama Blush/Shadow - £12.50

Like I said, the packaging is amazing. Similar to Benefit, but much more exciting. Hot Mama is an all-in-one essential, a blush, eyeshadow and subtle highlighter. Personally, I love it as a blush.

The packaging itself is a hard, almost cardboard-like rectangle with a magnet inside to keep your product protected from getting damaged. It also comes with a case which is important as the corners could get damaged easily.

The colour is absolutely gorgeous! It kind of reminded me of Nars Orgasm when I first opened it, and it looks similar on too. Its a pinky-peach hue and the perfect shade for cheeks, it compliments my skin tone perfectly!

When I applied it using my Elf Kabuki Brush, it felt so smooth and easy to blend. Plus, it almost felt like a blush and bronzer in one. I'm so useless when it comes to blending and contouring so this is definitely my new favourite product for my cheeks. Just whizz a bit on and hey, ready to go!

Balm Shelter

When I was at the counter, I also tried out another one of the lipglosses which I'll definitely have to talk about in the near future!

Balm Shelter Tinted Lipgloss - £12.00

Again, packaging is so cute and eye-catching. The Balm Shelter is basically a lipgloss with SPF 17 in for protection. 

I have the shade 'Valley Girl' although the range comes in 8 colours including names such as dream girl, daddy's girl, girl next door, material girl, pinup girl and girly girl. Cute names, right?!

Valley Girl is a gorgeous pink with specks of gold. It comes out fairly sheer on the lips, which is perfect to wear out and about, especially with the extra protection! It is one of the lighter shades in the range, definitely one I would buy.

The feel of the gloss on my lips was lovely, not too sticky and definitely long-wearing. I didn't need to touch up for a couple of hours. It's not too strong of a colour, so its even ideal for wearing to school.

I also got given some samples of their lip and cheek stain which I'll save for another day. Please let me know what you think, I really value your opinions as I want to sell this brand on my website!


  1. Oh, their products look great, I love the blush, so pretty and the packaging is so cute. I would love to see their products on your website! x

  2. the colour of the products look so pretty! love the blush xxxx

  3. OMG they are cute. I must give these a try. I've tried a fair few, I recommend these blushes pals the most.