What's In My School/College Bag?

Going back to college has been rubbish this week. I barely got to see any of my friends because we all have different timetables or they can drive now instead of getting the train. I'm starting to get bored of my subjects and quite frankly, I just wish it was summer still. But on a positive note, I managed to film a whats in my bag type video, so thought I would let you know about that!

If you can't tell, I luurrveee cath kidston. 

I hope you like the video, its a bit of a ramble and OMG the strand of hair that stands out through out the whole thing makes me laugh so much. I showed my family before I uploaded and said 'reckon they will notice?' - hahahah! 

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  1. I feel like you could be similar to me and a bit crazy when it comes to organization!