Sunday, September 18

What's In My School/College Bag?

Going back to college has been rubbish this week. I barely got to see any of my friends because we all have different timetables or they can drive now instead of getting the train. I'm starting to get bored of my subjects and quite frankly, I just wish it was summer still. But on a positive note, I managed to film a whats in my bag type video, so thought I would let you know about that!

If you can't tell, I luurrveee cath kidston. 

I hope you like the video, its a bit of a ramble and OMG the strand of hair that stands out through out the whole thing makes me laugh so much. I showed my family before I uploaded and said 'reckon they will notice?' - hahahah! 


Wednesday, September 14

NOTD: Barry M Raspberry

This is definitely my favourite colour for this autumn! Its a deep, almost rusty red. Barry M never fails to please me with their amazing range of colours and fantastic finish. 2 coats, and it looks so shiny! But I did add the Rimmel Top Coat to avoid chipping. Let me know on this colour!

Ignore the slight bit of glitter on one of the nails, it was left from when I tried GOSH glitter nail stuff!


Sunday, September 11

Review: Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Concealer

If you've been watching my videos recently you'll know that I swapped from loving the Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer to the Maybelline 24 hour one. Everyone (I mean literally, every video I watched) seemed to have it and class it as their favourite. I actually brought it way before the hype on youtube and got excited when I saw people buying it. I used it for two months, trying to persist with it and convincing myself I've got an amazing concealer.

But it just wasn't right. I found it hard to blend, the consistency was quite weird and the packaging looked awful, rubbed off after a week or two. So I brought this and love it!


  • Conceals my dark circles and red spot really well!
  • Blends super easily
  • Affordable (under £5 I believe!)
  • Stays on a long time
  • The wand - easy to apply with!
  • Doesn't live up to the '24 hour' claim - last about 10-12 hours which is plenty for me anyway
  • Not a huge colour range - Medium worked well for me but might not be the right colours for others!
I've heard some people say it can look cakey if you apply too much. I don't see how this is possible, the wand lets you dot under the eyes enough product. I'm totally loving this concealer and so glad I swapped from the collection 2000 one, I've definitely learnt that some products don't work for everyone.


Tuesday, September 6

Beauty: A Personal Response

I've spent all day doing my photography project on the 'Interpretation Of Beauty'. It's a really good topic and I've had such fun taking photos of the beauty of nature and light over the last few weeks. For the first page, we have to write a personal response of the meaning of beauty and what it means to us. I thought it would be nice to share it with you on here.

'Beauty is a huge part of my life. Growing up, I was bullied for being the ‘odd one out’. Red hair, freckles and extra weight, I wasn’t exactly ‘fit’ for societies perception of beauty. In other words, the complete opposite of me: blonde, tiny and flawless. In fact, every time I was knocked gave me every more reason to stand up and fight back. I started to learn to love myself, and to understand beauty through the eyes of my loved ones. Their kind words and support picked me back up. Beauty is something we need to stop fighting, and to start appreciating in whatever shape or form. Beauty has also inspired me personally to pursue as a career in two aspects. Either through Journalism and writing or having my own online website or boutique.'

I hope you liked this more personal post from me today - Let me know what you think. Oh and about the online store... Keep your eyes pealed for something verrrryy exciting in the next few weeks ;)


Sunday, September 4

Beauty Quote

I read this earlier whilst researching for my photography project 'interpretation of beauty'. It really stuck out to me...

‘beauty is not about comparing ourselves with others, but about the part of us that shines when we love others and love life. It is not all physical and it is not all spiritual, but a tender combination of that we are.’

image from tumblr

Its 1.15am, maybe I'm getting a bit lost in my thoughts because I'm tired but nether the less. I think it has a very important meaning.

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