My Beach Hut


The last few weeks have been pretty hectic. To sum up: Sleeping at my beach hut, Mark went away to Jersey, my friends from London and Oxford came down, parties, AS Level Results, driving, summer projects, YouTube...I honestly can't keep up with it all sometimes!

So before I add a post of pictures from my life this week, I apologise for not posting anything since last month. I love my blog and I love to write (I want to be a Journalist so that proves that!) but I struggled to sit down and find the time to write away.

My Beach Hut

In one of my latest videos, I tried to explain why I hadn't uploaded a video for a while but it was hard to explain in a nutshell. So here it goes! Firstly, I live right down in the South of England (South West to be precise) with plenty of beautiful beaches. Along the coast, most beaches have 'beach day huts'. These are usually for people to store their towels and chairs, a place to make a cup of tea and sit outside with a disposable bbq. When I say 'Beach Hut' I'm talking about a totally different thing...

The location of these huts is along a 'Spit'. The only way to access them are walking along a route, a little 'Noddy' train, Ferry or a boat. Plus, there are over 300 of them!

If you haven't visited these Beach Hut's than it's hard to justify to someone the price. We tell people we brought it with our hearts, not our heads. My parents actually had one and sold if for their wedding. Back then, they were only about £30,000 - £50,000. It took them over 20 years to save up for the one we have today. My parents got divorced 2 years ago and it now belongs to my mum.

The best thing about the beach hut is that you can sleep there. It has a full upstairs with 2 double beds and spare singles which you could probably fit about 6 comfortably and 8 in total with downstairs.

We've owned the hut for 7 years now, so I've grown up there. I could give you an endless list of all the things we do - kayaking, doughnutting, crabbing, swimming, chilling, hanging out, games, bbq's, parties,  waterskiing, wakeboarding, fishing.... It's never boring. 

I know I am extremely lucky to have such a beautiful place to spend my summers. I rarely ever go home if I can help it. 

I am going to write another post with pictures of me here from the past few weeks. 

I hope you enjoyed this and it's given you a bit of an insight into where I am most of the time :)


  1. aww that looks absolutly beautiful and so idyllic! xxxx

  2. Wowww right on my neck of the woods.I use to look at these huts when I was a little girl.I'm now 32 and now my 4 year old son looks at them too we r very lucky living in Bournemouth xxx

  3. ERRR TOTALLY expect an invite over next summer!xoxo (bloggers beach partyyyy )