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Hello, thank you very much for checking out Brogan Tate xo, I really hope you enjoy my writing, photography, thoughts and ideas. Here you'll find all the details about working with me, if you have any questions feel free to email (brogantatexo@hotmail.com) or tweet me @brogantatexo.

Info for Readers/Disclaimer
On Brogan Tate xo, I often work with a variety of brands to interest you as readers via advertising, product reviews or general content. I never work with brands that I do not feel suit or fit my blog, and never accept products I wouldn't consider buying with my own money. Products I have received for review are always marked with an asterix (*) to indicate that they have been gifted. I also clearly state if a post has been sponsored, but this does not hinder my opinion and I'm 100% honest in all my reviews and content, so hopefully you can trust me and enjoy everything I post.
Some of the links I use are affiliate links generated by Skimlinks. This means if you click on an affiliate link through to a retailer and purchase something, I may receive a very small amount or percentage of your purchase. This does not add any additional cost to you, the consumer. 
It is my choice not to watermark my images, but that does NOT mean it's acceptable to abuse this and use them without my permission, so please ask before so I can grant you permission. Any images taken elsewhere, I always state and link the origin.

Info for Brands/Businesses
I often working with a variety of brands and business across all my social channels, and am happy to try products for you and review them here on my blog. I can also produce and connect videos to my audience on my YouTube ChannelI tend to only accept products which I feel are relevant to my blog and readers. This includes skincare, haircare, beauty, makeup, fashion, technology pieces etc. If you feel your product or company fit within these, please email me: brogantatexo@hotmail.com

I am reliable and honest and have reviewed products from brands such as GHD, Lush, John Fredia, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, NARS, Benefit and plenty more. I've also worked with lifestyle brands such as Huawei, NCS and O2 Academy to name a few. Please note that I have the right to respectfully decline anything which doesn't fit within my blog, and I am always 100% open and honest in my reviews. I always state whether the item has been gifted to me for review purposes within the post too. I offer sponsored posts/links but always add a disclaimer to show this. 

Please see below for details on advertising on Brogan Tate xo. If you require more in-depth unique readership/users stats then please do not hesitate to ask and I will be more than willing to forward these to you.

Info for Bloggers
I've been writing my blog since May 2011 and during this period, have previously advertised Brogan Tate xo elsewhere on other blogs. I think it's extremely important to spread awareness and raise your profile as a blogger. I now offer a few slots per month for you to advertise here too, please email me for more information. I do not accept pre-written content or 'guest posts', as I personally believe that my readers are here because they want to read content that I've produced myself.

As well as working with others to create great content on my blog, I also know the importance of advertising. I am currently only offering an exclusive number of positions which will be handled on a 'first come, first serve' basis. If you'd like to be a part and for further information regarding pricing and working together, please email me at - brogantatexo@hotmail.com

I'm really proud and passionate about my blog, I aim to post content weekly and am really looking forward to working with bloggers and businesses in the future. In the meanwhile, be sure to follow and tweet me @brogantatexoYou can email me any questions on sponsoring, advertising, pr or even for a chit chat.

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