Tuesday, November 6

Things I've Learnt Since Clubbing In My Mid-20s

It's a bit of an on-going joke that I call myself a Nana, because some of my favourite things in life are puzzles, an afternoon nap, a good cup of (Biscuit Brew) tea, fresh bedding and cooking a nice dinner. Gone are my clubbing days where I'd get dressed up and go out until 4am. My idea of a good evening is having my pals over for a games night, or going to a cocktail bar where we can still talk and socialise. Benji & I also love cinema dates, playing pool, bowling and going for a nice meal, rather than spending our Saturday night in a club.

But here's the thing, being in your mid-20's means you still have friends who enjoy going out. It's a very odd transition phase in our lives, some of our friends went to Uni late, whilst others are getting engaged, buying houses and having babies. We often get invites to celebrate our pals birthdays for pre-drinks and a night out. Benji loves having a few drinks and going 'out out' with his mates, so once in a blue moon I like to go with him, especially if the girlfriends are going, it's nice to make an effort and get to know everyone. I often convince myself that "I fancy a night out" too but in reality, I always fake smile about how much I'm enjoying it, and mostly regret going in the first place. So, without further ado, here are the things I've learnt about going clubbing but this time, in my mid-20s.
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