Wednesday, May 9

The Ultimate Guide To Booking A Disney Trip | Walt Disney World 2018

Booking a trip to Florida is a big deal. I took my first trip as an adult in October 2017, with my second ready for September 2018. For my first trip, I saved up for a really long time; was counting down from 300 odd days, and couldn't contain my excitement in the lead up. The booking process is sometimes just as exciting, and there's so much more involved than you think. It takes practise and research to get your head around things, and can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. But let you tell you, once you know these handy little tips, you'll be on cloud 9, smug as anything, having sorted and organised everything! If you find this handy, be sure to share it with your family and pals, and if you have a trip booked and just want to check you've covered everything, then I wish you a magical trip! Here's everything I personally think you need to know, in the lead up to going to Walt Disney World and beyond.

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