Thursday, January 4

Tips For Attending Blogging Events

In my six and a half years blogging and making videos, I've been to my fair share of events. Blogging events can come in a variety of styles or formats including PR Launches, Restaurant Reviews, Meetups, Talks, Trade Shows and many more. I've been to everything from the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, to my local Bournemouth Bloggers Brunch. As I'm writing this, I'm sat a five minute walk away from the venue for the Blogosphere Christmas Festival, where I'm speaking on a panel for the first time ever. Nervous, yes. (Update: it went great, I think! Huge thanks to Albertine for being a great host, and my fellow panelists featured above.) If you've been to a few, or never attended any Blogging Events before, then here are a few of my tips!

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