Sunday, December 16

diary of an excited girl

So this time next week, I'll be in France skiing. Ahhh, I'm definitely not packed or organised yet but I have some time, its okay. This week was fairly average, it went pretty quick.

Monday and Tuesday were boring but busy at work. I ordered the Urban Decay Basics Palette but decided to give to my mum as a gift for Christmas (I'm definitely getting my own one though!).  We managed to put our Christmas tree up (yipeee!) which is real and smells amazzzinnnggg. On Wednesday, Rich and I took a cheeky visit to Nandos and found these amazing sweets in Asda called 'Squashies'. They taste like drumsticks but are easier to eat! 

On Thursday, I received my first Christmas presents in the post (Thank you Dionne & Hannah!) and I sat and wrapped my own. It was a difficult day at work though, because the staff members in the other two stores had their phones stolen by the same people. At about lunchtime, the bigger store rang me and explained the situation, then about two hours later, the smaller store had the same thing happen. I was so shocked but relieved my phone hasn't been stolen (*touches wood*). It was definitely an eye opener!

On Friday I ordered a beautiful dress from Lipsy for New Years which I blogged about here. Then on Friday night, I had my work Christmas meal. It was lovely to be with all the girls, especially as there are only about 10 of us across three shops. (In case you are lost, I'm a manager in a Children's shop). We had lots to eat and drink it was really nice!

I stayed in on Saturday, getting organised and filming my 'Favourites Products Of 2012'. Rich came over and we stayed in watching crappy telly. I cooked some mince and we had tacos, yum! Sunday, we went shopping to get a few last minute things and watched films all afternoon.

So I guess as of next week, you'll be seeing lots of skiing pictures and videos! I'll try keep you updated with diary posts each day but if I don't, have a really wonderful Christmas :)


Monday, December 10

The Beauty Closet Christmas!

Hello again! Unless you're a new follower or completely living under a rock, I have my own pretty little website called The Beauty Closet. I sell all sorts of affordable things from bags, scarves, necklaces and photo frames. I'm really proud of it and would absolutely love if you checked it out. A message I want to address is that the last day for ordering will be NEXT Thursday (20th) as I'm going to France and well, no one will be here to post anything otherwise! Hope you find something you like :)
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Sunday, December 9

diary of festive girl

Hello again! Sorry I missed last week but it wasn't very interesting. To be honest, neither is this week. Monday was so cold so I stopped at Costa and tried the Honeycomb Hot Chocolate, it definitely didn't disappoint! I spent hours tidying and re-arranging the stock room at work, got home and watched Made In Chelsea. 

Tuesday was okay, I got a bonus at work for staying and helping get the new shop open until 2am. This completely made my day as I was a little short of money but my driving offence did come through...I was doing 36mph in a 30 when I got caught speeding about two weeks ago. I ticked the box for 'drivers awareness' course which costs £85, but I don't get the points on my license. Went out for an indian with my family which made us all jolly and excited to spend time together in France at Christmas!

On Wednesday I got paid which made my bank very healthy and put me in a fab mood. Rich came over spent the evening with me.

Thursday and Friday dragged but I worked really hard and had to drive between the shops to deliver stock. Pretty boring really.

On Saturday, I visited my Grandad at his grave to wish him a Happy Birthday. My grandma and I planted some bulbs and daffodils. I spent the afternoon making my Room Tour video before popping to the shops with my mum. We tried to find some new thermals for skiing but got distracted and I bought a new underwear set instead, oops. Spent the evening at Rich's watching X Factor and general rubbish TV.

Sunday is lie-in day! Rich and I went shopping in town and I picked up a top in Zara, some TOMS for Rich's birthday and Christmas cards. I wrapped everyones presents in the afternoon which left me feeling very product and christmassy! We ordered dominoes and now I'm waiting for X Factor to start!

Hope you had a good weekend!

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Saturday, December 8

Bedroom Tour

After tiding my room and looking at my Canon 550D getting dusty since my A Level, I felt like doing something a little bit different with this 'room tour'. I've have seen a few videos like this floating around YouTube so I hope you like my take on it. Have a good weekend,

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Tuesday, December 4

The Beauty Closet Christmas Show!

Last Thursday, I left work early and did a Christmas show for The Beauty Closet until 9pm. I do one every year locally (and no, I'm not going around the UK doing them!), as its a great way to get my name out there and shift some stock before Christmas! Thought you would quite like to see the set up we had, the new Joma Jewellery and if you like anything, you can shop online here!

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