Sunday, December 16

diary of an excited girl

So this time next week, I'll be in France skiing. Ahhh, I'm definitely not packed or organised yet but I have some time, its okay. This week was fairly average, it went pretty quick.

Monday and Tuesday were boring but busy at work. I ordered the Urban Decay Basics Palette but decided to give to my mum as a gift for Christmas (I'm definitely getting my own one though!).  We managed to put our Christmas tree up (yipeee!) which is real and smells amazzzinnnggg. On Wednesday, Rich and I took a cheeky visit to Nandos and found these amazing sweets in Asda called 'Squashies'. They taste like drumsticks but are easier to eat! 

On Thursday, I received my first Christmas presents in the post (Thank you Dionne & Hannah!) and I sat and wrapped my own. It was a difficult day at work though, because the staff members in the other two stores had their phones stolen by the same people. At about lunchtime, the bigger store rang me and explained the situation, then about two hours later, the smaller store had the same thing happen. I was so shocked but relieved my phone hasn't been stolen (*touches wood*). It was definitely an eye opener!

On Friday I ordered a beautiful dress from Lipsy for New Years which I blogged about here. Then on Friday night, I had my work Christmas meal. It was lovely to be with all the girls, especially as there are only about 10 of us across three shops. (In case you are lost, I'm a manager in a Children's shop). We had lots to eat and drink it was really nice!

I stayed in on Saturday, getting organised and filming my 'Favourites Products Of 2012'. Rich came over and we stayed in watching crappy telly. I cooked some mince and we had tacos, yum! Sunday, we went shopping to get a few last minute things and watched films all afternoon.

So I guess as of next week, you'll be seeing lots of skiing pictures and videos! I'll try keep you updated with diary posts each day but if I don't, have a really wonderful Christmas :)

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