Sunday, November 25

diary of a workaholic

Every Sunday, I blog about what I've been up to and another week has whizzed by! Monday was surprisingly okay. I had 5 people with me at work as we're opening another new shop on Saturday and had to train new staff. This helped the day go sooo quickly, I was relieved. In the evening, Rich took me to see the new Twilight as I was desperate to go! It was AMAZING. Theres a huge twist in it which I won't reveal but the directors did an incredible job on making the last film super successful. 

Tuesday and wednesday were crap. It rained all day and despite having 3 extra people in, the days went unbelievably slow. Rich suggested we went and matched Bournemouth play football on Tuesday, so I put my wellies on and went along. I actually really enjoyed it, despite thinking I wouldn't!
 I went to Mcdonald's Drive Thur on Thursday to avoid cooking anything, haha.

Thursday was truly AWFUL. I worked so hard all day because the new shop needed more stock from my one. I was running around like a crazy girl that I forget to eat lunch. I ended up having to work late to drive the stock to the other shop whilst splitting my leggings and favourite boots! Thank god I had spare and my UGG's in the car. I was totally relieved to get to Rich's and find his mum had made us dinner. 

Don't even get me started on Friday. I worked 16 hours straight which definitely wasn't planned! I started at about 9am, running errands like visiting the post office and collecting more stock to take with me. I opened at 10am and did a bit more training with the new staff, whilst splitting MORE stock and serving customers. At 5pm, the owner rung and was desperate for my help as the new shop was completely empty and definitely not ready for opening day tomorrow. I drove 40 minutes over there and we didn't end up finishing until 2am. My whole body was pretty much dead but it was all worth it because it looked amazing and well, the money is going to be nice.

Here's some sneaky pictures of the new childrens shop we opened...

Saturday I had my well deserved lie-in and shower but didn't feel like filming for YouTube, I had no motivation at all. I organised pieces for The Beauty Closet because I'm doing a Christmas Fair next Thursday. Then, Rich came over and we visited the new shop for opening day with my family. Had a full English breakfast for lunch before popping to the shops in the afternoon. I was so so tired but managed to find a pair of new ski salopettes, some new leggings to replace the ripped ones and jeans in H&M for only £9.99! This was such an achievment for me because jeans and I do NOT get along. Rich actually picked out what size he thought I might be, I tried them on and they fit like a glove. I would have paid £100 for them but £10 just made them even better. Night in with ice cream, xfactor and a cuddle.

Sunday was LAZZZYYY. I wrote blog posts, cleaned my room, organised more Beauty Closet stuff for this show I'm doing next week and then we drove to Rich's house. Literally stayed in bed most of the day. That's what Sunday's are for though, right?

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