Monday, November 12

diary of a shopaholic

Exciting start to the week, I had a guy from Radio 1 come down and record with me! I wrote a comment on their Facebook page when discussing the price of car insurance going up for women, not expecting anything from anyone. He contacted me and loved my story about funding the car myself, how important driving is and my journey from home to work. It was really exciting and obviously a great opportunity for me! This left me in a fabulous mood. Its being aired today at 12:45 and 5:45 if you wanted to listen or read the interview here!

It was quiet at work on Tuesday, but sales were good. I spent the afternoon completely tidying up, then popped to Tesco and picked up More Magazine because this week, I'm in it! Radio yesterday, magazine today ;) Got home and went straight out again with my family. We went up to my local ski centre to pick up my brothers new skis and had dinner there. I got home, climbed into bed and devoured Ben & Jerry's whilst catching up with Made In Chelsea.

Wednesday, Apple in Bournemouth called to tell me my iPad Mini was waiting for me! I'd been trying for days to get one but they were out of stock. Rich being the top boyfriend he is, went and picked it up for me. The day went so slow as I wanted to get home and play with it!

Thursday, stayed at Rich's house and we went out for Nandos, my treat! We bought sticky toffee pudding in Sainsbury's and watched The Inbetweeners Movie in bed. I replied to blog comments on my new iPad ;)

Friday, yay! I went and bought myself a pair of new UGG boots, oops! They had £40 off in a little boutique near work so I splurged as I wanted them forever. Post coming up next. They haven't left my feet since and despite being expensive, I love them so much.

Saturday I took a cheeky trip up the Southampton to visit my friend Megan. I accidentally went through a speed camera doing 40 in a 30, it was two lanes near the uni halls and I really thought it was a 50! The camera was forward facing and flashed once in my face but made me cry :( I really hope nothing comes through but I'll probably have points and a fine. Oh lovely. Despite that knock back, we had a great day and I bought a case for my iPad, the camera to card reader lightening thing for my iPad, more Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and a few Christmas cards etc.  Stayed in watching telly and realised I hit 800 followers on here! Thanks lovelies!

Sunday was rubbish because I had to go to work on my day off to do training for Children's shoes again. It went okay and I feel a bit more confident but I was so tired and it left me completely exhausted. Drove all the way over to Rich's to spend the evening with him. We cooked pizza and more sticky toffee pudding. I fell asleep about 9pm because I was sooo tired!

I don't have much planned for next week, I might go out at the weekend but its rainy and cold! Let me know if you still like these diary posts?! Brogan xx

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