Sunday, November 18

diary of a drunk girl

Well, it's been a rubbish week. So rubbish, I can't even be bothered to properly blog about it. I was poorly on Monday and really moody on Tuesday, so good start to the week. Then, I sold my first pair of children's shoes at work on Wednesday, which despite being an achievement, left me absolutely petrified whether they fit that child or not. Thursday and Friday was a blur of work dragging on and on.

I was on Radio 1 on Monday though, which was a pretty cool experience. I blogged about it last week here or you can listen on Radio 1 Newsbeat here! Friday couldn't have come at a better time and on Saturday, I took another cheeky trip up to Southampton to visit Megan in her Uni halls. We chilled all afternoon, stuffed ourselves with McDonalds and then went out at night.

After plenty of glasses of Malibu and Coke, its safe to say that today, I'm feeling it. It was absolutely hilarious, we partied in the kitchen and set up music and strobe lights! We managed to convince almost everyone in the halls to come out with us which for some reason, made me really excited I was jumping in my chair... The night continued with more drunkenness once we made it to a bar called 'Buddah Lounge', leaving at 2am. Once back at the halls, we watched the boys trash another guys bedroom, cooked pizza and I was so delusional, I told Megan I was playing Hay Day in my head...That is what my life has come to. (Ps. If you play, how cool is the new Christmas update?!)

Not only did I meet some lovely new friends this weekend, but I felt like I belonged and became a student for 24 hours, getting a real feel of university life. It's amazing how much has changed in the last few months, and being there showed me how different my life could have been. I'm definitely going to stay again (if that's okay Megan!) because we had an amazing weekend full of laughs, drama and memories.

Have a good week, I'm working late lots next week!
Brogan xx

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  1. I love these posts Brogan :) You look so pretty in the pictures, & this sounds like a hilariously awesome time~

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  3. Ah I love Budda Lounge!! :) Hope the hangovers eased off now!! xx

  4. I love your posts hun, hangover is a result of a good night ;) xo

  5. Hi, I like your blog, should we follow us each other. I follow you right now.

  6. Aw how sweet is your nan! xo


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