Sunday, November 4

diary of a busy girl

So it's the end of the week and I feel ready to write another personal, update kinda post again.

Last week, I had a weird lump on my head which the nurse diagnosed as an 'infected bite'. I was put on antibiotics and finished them last week, so why was my head still itching weirdly? By the time I got in my car at 5 o'clock on Monday, I actually started crying with the thought I had nits or something. I was meant to be going straight to Rich's house but my mum rang my doctor and took me straight down there. Apparently, I have some form of eczema :( It was red, blistered and really irritating, poor me! She gave me some liquid to rub into my scalp once a day for a week. Great. So I didn't actually need antibiotics! It's getting better but sometimes hard to sleep at night.

On Tuesday, Rich took me to see Skyfall and a meal at The Slug & Lettuce. I have to say, I wasn't that impressed with Bond. There were hardly any cool gadgets and the end was totally unrealistic, where was Bond's back up? Still, it was nice to go out and I very much enjoyed my burger and cookie dessert! 

On Wednesday, I had training for fitting children's shoes at work. I learnt at lot about how to fit them, including size and width fittings, but I still don't feel very confident and I much prefer managing the main shop with the clothes and toys! Spent the evening at home with Rich again.

Thursssdaaayyyy. I left a comment on the Radio 1 Newsbeat Facebook page, then had a guy ring me and chat about car insurance and the fact it's going up for woman. We chatted and he's coming down on Monday to film and record my journey from home to work, talking all about how much it costs me, especially being a young driver! Brightened my day but definitely left me feeling a bit nervous...

Thank GOD for Friday. I spent all morning tidying up around my desk, before having plenty of deliveries to speed the day along! Rich usually plays football but was cancelled, so another night in at mine. 

I love Saturdays, I stayed in my pjs until gone 12 but I spent all morning helping my mum find us a skiing holiday for Christmas. We booked the most amazing hotel in Morzine, France which is right on the mountains. I'll be vlogging whilst I'm there I think. I filmed some videos and got my nails done in the afternoon, then had a night in! It's far too cold to be going out at the moment. 

Lazzyyy day. We popped into town because I tried to get an iPad mini but ended up buying my Grandma some Christmas presents and some pudsy ears! Ate mums home-made roast dinner before another chilled evening with Rich. Sneakily read lots of the bbloggers chat over on twitter.

Nothing much planned for next week, what about you guys?
Lots of lurrvee,
Brogan xx

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