Sunday, October 28

diary of a happy girl

I'm fully aware that I rarely open up on my blog, but I'm feeling kinda chatty today and thought I would just ramble about total rubbish that's currently occurring in my life. These are the type of posts I love to read, so thought you might too? Well, this was the Twitter reaction!

Firstly, my obsession for the app 'Hay Day' has gotten totally out of control, to the point my boyfriend Rich is obsessed too. If you ever overheard us, you might think we're slightly mad..."please can you check the farm, think the butter is ready for the cheesecake". It's basically like a cool version of Farmville but much more addictive and well, cooler. It drains my battery, often loses connection and apparently wastes internet usage but I LOVE it.

Secondly, I never thought it was possible for me to be so busy but apparently it is. I'm working as a manger in a children's shop (ooohh), which is really enjoyable and rewarding. Some days are long and tiring, but I would much rather be where I am than at University. Plus, working full time definitely comes with the benefit of extra money to spend! Although I really should be saving for the new Citroen I'm getting in March...

As most people know, I run my own website too. This often feels like a second job because I literally do everything for this as well. Ordering stock, paying suppliers, wrapping orders and doing accounts! But its all worth it because The Beauty Closet is a year old now and I'm SO proud. I would love to invest some more money in making it look super cool but for now, its doing really well. I get orders every day which is amazing!

I like to think of myself as a bit of a business woman, gaining a little bit of extra money whenever I can. I recently started Mystery Shopping which I can't reveal too much about. However, I just got paid for my first month and it's been pretty fun. At the moment, I'm testing the 'Think 25' scheme. Despite being old enough to purchase alcohol, its the law to ID people if they look under 25. I pick the jobs I want, when I want, go and buy some alcohol and see if they ask me for ID. Then, I fill in a questionnaire within 24 hours about the experience. It's actually quite hard work and doesn't pay great, but it takes 10 minutes, you get a bit of money and keep the alcohol. I don't know how long I'll do it for but I've got another job tomorrow night after work.

Other things going on in my life are obviously this little blog and my YouTube. I've been putting lots of time and effort into this recently and it's really paying off. I'm currently finding YouTube harder to find the time to sit and film (as you can tell), but I like the think that's another success too. I casually took the train up to London today to see Hannah and Dionne which was absolutely brilliant. Despite putting myself out on the internet, I'm quite a private person when it comes to friends. I find it really hard to trust girls (bad experiences in the past) and I'm the girl who would rather spend every day with her boyfriend. But YouTube has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people and although we all live miles away from each other, I really do class Dionne and Hannah as genuine close friends. I'm super grateful!

Speaking of boyfriend, Rich is genuinely one of the best things in my life right now. I think I'd be a lost person without him. He's treating me to dinner and James Bond this week, yipeee! I can't believe we've only been together a few months, it honestly feels like years. Maybe because we do so much together, but I like it that way. 

Apart from working like a crazy girl and spending nearly every evening with Rich, I'm not up to much else. Enjoying lots of things on telly and waiting for 90210 to start again. The next big plans for me will be Christmas; we go away skiing and I'll be vlogging ;) I literally cannot wait to put on my ski boots and get back out on the slopes. We aren't sure where we're going yet, but I'll be sure to tell you once we've booked it. 

posy picture from some outfit posts today 

It's half term now which means it's going to be busy at work next week, I'm tired just thinking about it. Hope you enjoyed this 'diary' type post? Shall I do them more often? Have a good week. Gotta go, TOWIE is on!

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