Sunday, March 4

Sunday Summary #4

Long time no post! I'm sorry its another Sunday Summary but I know a lot of you like reading these, its kind of an extension of my videos but I am going to try harder to get more beauty related posts up this month!

I'm so glad February has been and gone, as some of you it wasn't exactly great. But looking back, the good balanced out with the bad and I'm pretty happy!

1, Sunset 2,Where I work 3, Cosmopolitan 4, Beauty Essentials!

1. I snapped this picture when I went out for walk with my friend Kelli. Its right near to where I live, by the sea! I'm so grateful for where I live, I love it a lot.
2. I started a new job! A family friend owns a baby clothes store, how cute is it?!
3. Quick, run and get the latest cosmo! The free Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief is amazing! I've stocked up with two!
4. I also stocked up on my favourite beauty essentials, bourjois healthy mix (shade 52), rimmel fix & perfect primer and collection 2000 concealer (shade 3 medium).

5, The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins 6, Milkybar Mini Eggs, 7, New Look Socks & Uggs, 8, New Videos!

5. I can't get into The Hunger Games yet! Theres so much hype about this and don't get me wrong, I like it, but I'm not obsessed! I'm on chapter four and its just an average book to me at the moment. Soo many people have told me it gets better so we'll see!
6. Who invented these? Seriously they are sooo good!
7. I love wearing my little new look bow socks (in the sale for £2) with my Uggs, so cosy and cute!
8. I've recently uploaded a Feb Favs, Collective Haul and My Skincare Routine, so if you haven't checked those out already, please do!

Finally, The Beauty Closet got some GORGEOUS new Estella Bartlett pieces in - I wear the Georgie Star Bracelet every single day! I took all the photography myself so I'm pretty proud :) We also got some amazing Wall Art Stickers in, I'm going to get some different designs because I only have a few left in stock!

March is going to be a fab month for me, I've already spent some quality time with my friends and plan on doing this more! It's my 18th and I'm also off to Disney (yipeeee!) so I'm a pretty happy bunny at the moment.

Song: Champagne Showers - LMFAO
Food: Milkybar Mini Eggs (durr)
Clothing: Jack Wills Gillet
Shoes: Uggs!
Purchase: Real Techniques Blush Brush
Beauty Product: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
Film: Easy A
TV Show: Waterloo Road is back!
Apps: SecretDiary, Wunderlist & Cut The Rope
YouTuber/Channel: Hannah & Bryony - such lovely friends!

Hope you're all well and enjoyed this weeks summary!

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