Tuesday, May 10

driving and my car

so I've mentioned this a lot on my tumblr but I'm currently learning to drive. At first, I was so nervous, but now I have a buzz and love it so much! I was an extremely lucky lady and my mum brought me my little baby, a Citroen C1 in white for my birthday in March! I've named her Pippa or Pip for short, haha :)

I've only done 10 hours of lessons but I'm improving and going out most evening with my mum in my car. I just popped down to KFC with her! I have my theory test (again) this friday so hoping to pass as I failed by 1 mark last time :( Next lesson is 2 hours on thursday, yay!  xo


  1. That's the spirit! It can be a bit tense when you're just starting to learn how to drive. But once you get the hang of it, it feels good. Do good on your lessons, and soon you'll be able to hit the road on your own.

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